Monday, March 31, 2008

Part one: Capitol Building and Library of Congress

Lillian on the metro.

If you go to your congressperson's website, you can order tickets for various tours throughout the city. We got tickets to the Congress building and the Library of Congress.

The above picture is in the Rotunda in the Capitol building. This room is "The Peoples' Room" and it tells the story of the American continent in eight or so large murals. Above is the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a scene which never actually took place in real life; the document was signed over a period of months as it was taken around to the various colonies. The artist simply took likenesses of all the signers and painted them in.

These are the phones right outside where the newspaper men are always running to report big headlines from the floor.

The Library of Congress is a beautiful building and worth seeing, but not so much with a toddler. The building is very ornate and the tour guide wanted to tell us about every little detail. Lillian was not so much interested in learning about the statue of nine muses as she was in touching every little piece of tile in the mosaic floor.

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