Friday, January 11, 2008

Lost Watch

I lost my watch sometime last night. I took it off to type on the laptop and never saw it again. This whole affair took place after Lillian went to bed, so I know she didn't immediately run off with it and hide it somewhere. She didn't flush it, she didn't throw it in the trash, the couch didn't eat it (but we did find at least three dollars in change when we did surgery), she didn't put it in the subwoofer, it didn't get swallowed up by the clutter on the desk, it's not under any bookshelves or the bed, it's not behind the toy box or in any of Lillian's toys, it's not in any of the kitchen drawers or pots or pans, it's not in any of my purses or bags, and it's not in our giant bag of filberts (which is a different story).

Any other ideas? I liked that watch. Dad got it for me my first Christmas in college, making it six years old. (By the way, what the heck kind of screwed up Associates Degree takes six years to attain? Even if I did switch majors (only once, and doesn't everyone at least once?) and have a baby: that's messed up.)


Anonymous said...

I'm the queen of the lost watch problem. I know all about it.

Go, Bishop, Go! said...

so, last year for Christmas my parents gave me $80 just as we were leaving their house in Ogden. I was already in the car. We drove home to Orem. I got out of the car walked in and sat on the couch. 2 Hours later (having never left the house) couldn't find the $. ...moral of the story...sometimes things "walk off"... good luck with you watch.

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