Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Half Moon Bay

We drove out to Half Moon Bay (It should be Half-Moon Bay, but we won't split hairs). It was a beautiful day; cold, but beautiful.

This is at The Mavericks. It's the place where they have the big surf competitions. I guess the big waves are a mile or so out because no one could surf in these little-bitty waves.

We ate lunch at Barbara's Fish Trap. It was really good. I thought it was funny because it was right next to this fancy-pants restaurant which was empty and it was this hole-in-the-wall place but it was super packed. We had to wait 25 minutes for a table.


Amy said...

it looks like you had a wonderful holiday. Thanks for sharing all the photos, I missed you guys.

Bluebell said...

Austin and I spent our honeymoon in Half Moon Bay. Barbara's Fishtrap was our FAVORITE. We still talk about it...

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