Thursday, June 28, 2007

The skinny on Lillian's head

So, as most of you know, Lillian has an abnormally small head. On our pediatrician's advice, we went to a pediatric neurologist this morning. She said if someone had handed her Lillian's growth chart, she would have guessed that there was a 98% chance that she would have had mental delays or been mentally or physically handicapped. But, after looking at her, she says that in her opinion, she just has a small head.

So, we're supposed to keep our eye out for anything abnormal. But, as for now, she's as normal as they come: she crawls like a champ, can pull herself up to standing, has a good parachute reflex, gets into the kitchen drawers and cabinets and pulls out all the tupperware and bowls, she even says a few words (woah, bye-bye, thank you, and eye).

On a side note, the neurologist even measured my and Tyler's heads, and all those people who made fun of me for having a big head can just eat their words, because my head is 50th percentile! Tyler's head is a bit bigger, coming in the 60th percentile, so you can still make fun of him, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Mia is 8 months old. She does not roll over- unless I move her legs in the right direction, and no parachute reflex at all. Not even a little. So there you go. That's really great that we can still make fun of Tyler. When I told Allison that your head was in the 50% she said, "Really?" Maybe we all have regular sized heads and everyone else is small. Can't wait to see you guys next week!!! Nathan is asking about baby Lillian all the time...

Myriah said...

i really have no experience with baby heads... but .. i love the title of this entry.

Claire said...

You forgot to mention 'Piggy'.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear things are looking good so far.

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