Friday, June 15, 2007

Beach Day

We're throwing a party for our friends who are graduating and/or moving away. We decided to have a corn feed at the beach, so we thought we'd go down and check out the scene, and see if Lillian was into it. She did OK.

I made her touch the water, and she hated it.

PS, I didn't know what a corn feed was until I moved to San Luis Obispo, so I don't know if that's a normal term or what, but basically, you cook the corn in the husk in sea water. It's really good.


Anne "the Hook" Calder said...

i'm still kind of confused on your so called "corn feed". perhaps you could explain further.

Allison said...

The water is too cold for them for a couple of years. They like to eat sand pretty young though.

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful!

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