Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Boo allergies

Year one: I never had allergies until I moved to San Luis Obispo. My first spring here, I thought I had a cold that was lasting for months. Tyler suggested it could be allergies, so I got a prescription for Allegra, and life was wonderful again.

Year two: My second spring here, I was married and had no insurance. I got through the first part of allergy season with a lot of Kleenexes and Claritin, but was still mostly miserable. Then, I experienced something called Eustachian tube malfunction (Caitlin, I know you feel me on this), and I couldn't hear or breathe, or see. Thus, going from mostly miserable, to all miserable.

Year three: I was pregnant and developed asthma to go along with my allergies. My doctor said that Claritin was no longer an option, so I got along with Benedryl and lived in a fog for 3 months. Then my asthma got worse, so I had to use a steroid inhaler, which gave me a permanent sore throat.

Year four: Which brings us up to date. I took a Claritin the other day, and it did about as much good a mint. I tried a Benedryl against medical advice, and Lillian slept for 17 hours. What to do? I bought some allergy relief eye drops, but the soothing relief promised remained illusive. Then, I saw it on Oprah:
The one they had on TV looked like a little tea pot but they didn't sell those at the neighborhood Rite Aid. This is the one I bought, and it's essentially a squirt bottle. It comes with little salt packets, so you mix up your own saline, and rinse out your nose. It's very far from what I'd call 'pleasant.' I do it twice a day and while it doesn't keep me 100% allergy free, it keeps me at a tolerable level.


Bluebell said...

Ah, I just read an article about 'neti potting'...this looks like the same thing. It said that it goes in one nostril and out the other, but I don't understand how one would do that...??

17 hours straight, eh? That's kind of freaky.

Caitlin said...

As I was reading this I was trying to 'pop' my ears and then I got a bloody nose because I was blowing my nose so often. I thought this year's allergy season would be mild since we had no rain. However it is apparent after weeks of a runny nose, sore throat, and hearing loss- allergy season is in full force. Maybe I will try the Oprah cure. Can you hear any better?

Anne "the Hook" Calder said...

yesterday i felt like there was dust in my nose all day... that's about all i can relate.. sorry =(

heidi nielsen said...

Yikes! My allergies kick in during the winter months so I live on cough drops, saline spray, a humidifier for sleeping, and a good moisturizer for my raw nose. I've never tried this stuff but I'll definitely keep in it in mind for next year. My mom has stuck so much stuff up her nose from allergies that she developed a hole in her nasasl septum like a cocaine addict would. Something to look forward to? Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Growing up in Utah, I had them awful. Dad had them too. I remember him sitting on the couch just dying every summer. Once we moved here, I've never had a problem.

robin z said...

YUP-AYR or even OCEAN is another product that I swear by, but I still have to use my Nasarel spray. Since getting that prescription I have been free of sinus infections, ear aches, and constant misery! I can so relate..

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