Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Thanks Uncle Sam!!

With our tax return, I bought a sewing machine. The extent of my sewing history is as follows: I made a pillow in 8th grade home ec, one pair of capri pants with a zipper, and an skirt with an elastic waistband. I felt like I could tackle anything in the 'Sew Easy!' section of the pattern book. Pictured above is me cutting out the fabric that was to become the little dress, pictured below.

Not pictured: at least five phone calls to Allison, three to Mom, searching the internet about things I felt I should know (like, what's bias tape) so was too embarrassed to call Allison (or I had just gotten off the phone with her), numerous cursings of the bobbin, unpicking each sleeve twice, and wondering at least 100 times why people think sewing is fun.

But, it's so (sew) cute. I made a larger size, which is why Lillian is chewing on it, and not wearing it. A big thank you to all who contributed to this dress, including Uncle Sam.


Anne "the Hook" Calder said...

That is TOO cute!!! congratulations on your accomplishment!

Caitlin said...

"She's crafty!" That is a Beastie Boys song by the way.

Anonymous said...

Good job!!

Bluebell said...

I do lots of different kinds of sewing, and while I am motivated by the finished product, sewing from a pattern is never what I'd call fun. But hey, you did it! Good job, and that dress is way cute. Just wait till she's actually wearing it. It's so satisfying to respond, "I made it" when someone compliments it.

Allison said...

La robe est tres joli. Martha Stewart has nothing on you.

Myriah said...

Oh wow, way to go.
That is wonderful. You are so lucky to have a sewing machine. now that you are a pro at that pattern, you can make TONS of little dresses and give them away at baby showers. My mom does that. But really, i think it's wiser just to go pick something up at Target.

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