Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tonya's visit

Courtney had a gymnastics meet here (they live in Frenso), so they came to stay for the weekend. Rob and her two older boys stayed home.

So, the whole weekend they were here, Aiden and Maddy, the two younger ones (aside from Lillian) were fighting over Lillian's little chair. (The one that she was sitting in in her moose pictures.) Then, after Aiden ate something sticky or messy, cheetos maybe, Tyler gave him a wet paper towel to clean his hands. Enter his new favorite toy. He wanted to wipe it on his face and on his hands and he cried when Tyler threw it away, so he had to get him a fresh one.

She hates taking baths.

Tonya gave us her new crib because, as Maddy told me numerous times, Aiden is now big enough to sleep in a big-boy bed.

I like Tyler's hair.


Sanchez Family said...

That bathtime photo is funny- Look it's sleeping!!! Yea!

A.Calder said...

Your kid looks like Yoda. Ps sanfrancisco is for creeps and weirdos. I liked it there too tell i ventured into the belly of the beast

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