Thursday, October 12, 2006

Millions of Peaches

I bought a lug (25 lbs) of peaches from the Avila Valley Barn and Darlene and I canned them last Monday. I haven't opened any jars yet, so I really don't know how they taste, but they look pretty. No offence to Darlene, but it was sort of the blind leading the blind throughout this project. I had gotten instructions from Mom, but we still were a little shady on a few points. I'll let you know. Posted by Picasa


Caitlin said...

They look yummy, and I am sure they were a lot of work.

Bluebell said...

Cool! The local peaches in Dixon were 59 cents a pound and if we weren't moving across the country I would have bought as many as I could fit in my car. They look beautiful.

Bluebell said...

Where did you go???? Long time no see. You guys okay over there?

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