Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lillian Ball

She's here!!! We moved last Friday and packed our camera in a box. Bright and early Saturday morning, I went into labor so we couldn't take any pictures at the hospital. Mom and Claire and Liz brought theirs, so those pictures will be coming shortly. But anyway, these are from the day we brought her home (after we found the box with the camera in it).

I think she looks exactly like Tyler. Tyler thinks that everyone keeps saying that only because she very little hair. The pediatrician gave her an A+ and except for the fact that she keeps forgetting how to eat, she's such a good baby!!!

This is what happens when you put one little baby and five kids together. Well, actually four kids. The youngest is being held by grandma as he was having some problems with the "touch soft" command.

And for good measure, Maddy in Tyler's moped helmet.

More pictures to come, I promise!!! Posted by Picasa


Caitlin said...

She does look like Tyler. Amanda, I know this is hard to hear considering all the work that you did! Congrats, she is beautiful.

Sanchez Family said...

Oh My! She looks just like Tyler! We have been waiting for pictures! She is just perfect! Congrats!!!

The Duke said...

We've seen mom's pictures, and she looks exactly like Tyler. Get used to it. Congratulations!!

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