Monday, March 10, 2014

It's happened again

Yesterday, my book vanished.  Vanishing things are different than lost things.  Lost things are like when we went on a hike and at the start of the hike, the baby had two mittens, and then by the end, she only had one.  I know what happened to that mitten and if I really cared about it, I could probably back-track and find it on the trail somewhere.

No, this is when you had it, and now it's just gone.

  1. 2007.  My watch goes missing.  I look everywhere, which, in our small 2-bedroom apartment, doesn't take long.  In the looking, I find several other lost things, but no watch.  It is assumed that a then-toddler Lillian threw it out somehow.
  2. 2008.  Tyler's watch. It was one of those "he had it this morning, we haven't left the house, and now he can't find it" things. We again look everywhere and this time, we look through the trash.  Not in the trash.  Not anywhere.  Just gone.  We moved shortly after this and assumed it would show up with the packing.  Nope.
  3. 2010.  The shapes to the shape-sorter toy.  In the toy one day, gone the next.
  4. 2012. Library book.  We were going on vacation and I went around and found all the books and stacked them by the door.  Took them to the library on the way out of town.  A few days later, got an email that one of them was late.  I assumed that one of the kids had messed with my pile and that it would be in the house somewhere.  No.  It was nowhere and I had to pay for it.
  5. 2014- yesterday.  ANOTHER library book.  The Fourth Bear, by Jasper Fforde.  I was reading it in the bathroom while Ethan and Evie were taking a bath.  I almost dropped it in the tub when I lunged to save Evie from drowning when Ethan pushed her over.  Now, it's gone.  It was just getting to an exciting part and I can't find it anywhere.  Not under the beds, in the changing table, in the piano bench, by my nursing chair, in the bathroom, under the couches or between the cushions.  Not on the kitchen counter, in the car (for some reason), or stuck in the kids craft stuff.  Not in the fridge or cabinets or under the dressers.
Where are these things?


Bridget said...

No kidding! In 2012 when we were in the US, we checked out some library books for the kids at my parents' library. When it came time to leave, I gathered them all up (sound familiar?) and put them in a pile. After we left, my mom went to return them. GONE. A year later when we were visiting again, I was sitting in the reclining couch and the remote slipped in the crack between the back and the seat cushion. I reached my hand back to get it and guess what else was wedged in the machinery of the recliner? A stack of library books.

So check your recliner or couch cracks, is what I'm saying.

Claire said...

i HATE it when things just disappear. it takes me years to get over it. maybe sometimes i don't get over it. it feels like a fresh wound whenever i see a photo of it...

The Clark's said...

I'm glad its not just at our house that things magically disappear.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dan Kuhmann said...

My butcher knife. How do you lose a butcher knife? I finally gave in and bought a new one, but I keep hoping it will turn up one day.

Dan Kuhmann said...

For some reason my account showed unknown user so then my comment seemed really really creepy. I deleted it and reposted.

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