Thursday, October 06, 2011


"I'll give you the pills because the elixir is really disgusting." Nora has had a boil on the back of her leg for a while. She didn't mind it so much, so I was just kind of waiting for it to go away. She started complaining that it hurt, and Tyler thought it was getting bigger, so we went in today. After popping it like a huge, disgusting zit, the doctor recommended some antibiotics as, he felt, it was probably a staph infection. Being that I am a healthcare worker, he thought maybe it was MRSA. He recommended clindamycin. He was confident that I could just open the pills and mix them in with some pudding or something. I filled the prescription, brought them home, opened it up and mixed it into some applesauce. "Come here, Nora..." Bite. [unintelligible screaming] First, anger. "Get back over here and eat these two bites!" Then, logic. "honey, if you don't eat this, you might get more sores." Then, bribery. "I'll give you a chocolate chip for every bite you take." Last, example. "Look, I'll take a bite to show you it's not so [unintelligible screaming]" Oh. My. Stars. It was like chewing 5 aspirin at once. Even after I've had dinner, I can still taste it.

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Scott & Elizabeth said...

The doctor gave Alex Clinadmycin once for a thorn that went through his finger and they thought maybe also his bone, anyway, they told us the same thing, just mix it with pudding and it will be ok! Not so, after gagging, then vomiting for about 5 minutes, we tried a different route. Finally we had Scott taste it mixed with soda, and he said there was no way he would ever drink it. We ended up going with a different antibiotic. Hope all goes well with Nora. Not fun at all.

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