Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crafty Us

My Mom was a kindergarten teacher for a looooong time. She switched to 5th grade shortly before she retired because, as she said, "I can only tie so many shoes, do up so many flies, and deal with Annica gluing her paper to the desk SO MANY TIMES, before..." I'm pretty sure I know what would have happened if she had to deal with Annica one more time, because I feel that way almost every day around 4:45, so I didn't ask her to elaborate.

Anyway, I've been making out like a bandit with all my Mom's kindergarten bric-a-brac. Like this little ironing board.

She apologized for it not having a cover or an iron, items sacrificed to the kindergarten gods. I wasn't worried, because when our powers combine--

Ta Da! I made the cover in about 4 minutes from a scrap of fabric and some elastic. Tyler worked a little harder on the iron, but not much. I'm guessing it took 30 minutes.

He even put little steam holes on the bottom.


Shawna said...

Very cool! The steam holes are a nice touch.

Allison said...

Those are so cute! The iron looks really good! No offense amanda, Your cover looks nice too.

Steph said...

I was really hoping that you would have finished "when our powers combine.." with "I am Captain Planet!"
In some ways, I think you are Captain Planet. Or Captain Cute Crafty Planet. Either way.

Anonymous said...

Super cute! Way to go!

Caitlin said...

That's pretty rad. I am going to go tell Chad about it so he will be jealous and make one too.

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