Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Sometimes I think about the people in the Bible or not that have had dreams as visions, and I think "That's not me." Here's one from last night.

Tyler and I were trying to fit a couch in the back of our 4Runner. We were buying it off Craigslist and picking it up at the park. Somehow, we decided I needed to sit in the back and hold on to the couch so it didn't fall out of the open hatch. We tied the hatch down so it was open about half-way, and my feet stuck out the bottom. It's only a few blocks away, and this is Arizona, right? No one actually cares about seat belts, right?

No sooner did we pull out on to the main street, than a motorcycle cop came up behind us and started flashing his lights. I craned my neck to yell at Tyler to stop the car, but I saw that he was driving from the back seat and couldn't stop the car. (Driving from the back seat is a surprisingly common theme in my dreams. This shows up at least once a month, maybe more.)

More and more police men showed up and I started yelling at Tyler to climb into the front seat and stop the car. He finally did, and he pulled off the main road onto a rural street and stopped. Surprisingly, all the police cars just kept on going.

We decided to ditch the car as we were fugitives now, and walk the rest of the way home. We walked down a street that looked remarkably like See Canyon in San Luis Obispo, and as we passed a barn that looked like this:

I saw a lady in a big truck parked out front yelling for help. I ran up there and saw that her son was sprawled across the back seat in V-fib (not sure how I knew that without a monitor, but I just KNEW). I started CPR, even remembering that they changed it to CBA instead of ABC, and totally saved his life.

His parents were so grateful, they bought me a $23,000 Cadillac, which I gave to the neighbor girl Grace to pay for her college.

The end.

Any hidden messages?


The Clark's said...

I only get really weird dreams when I'm pregnant, but you seem to get them all the time!

Myriah Cohen said...

Oh great! I've been doing ABC this whole time and not CBA! EEGH!

Also, the driving from the back seat thing means that you are doing something in your life that is kinda a big deal (like operating a motor vehicle) but also pretty common (driving a vehicle is something everyone does). Driving from the back means that you are doing this thing in an unexpected way, but still getting the job done. What is the general feeling around driving from the back seat? Is there fear? Anxiety? Joy? Calmness?

Perhaps we can relate this to the way you raise your kids, run your home, finish your education, or seek employment.

Yeah. I'm deep.

robbie said...

I would re-evaluate your evening meal menu!

Caitlin said...

It means Tyler has more skillz than he lets on. Isn't driving from the backseat a James Bond move?

I took the "revised" CPR class last year yet I promptly forgot everything. Instead I can only recall the CPR guidelines from the babysitting class that I took when I was 11. I guess CPR from 1994 is better than no CPR at all right? Right?!?!

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