Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fun, More Fun, and Most Fun

As far as activities we have available for the kids, some are more fun then others. Take for example the sandbox:

Max capacity: probably like 10 kids
Possible injuries: Sand in the face, maybe a sliver
Fun Rating: 6.0

Then we have the bakers rack:

Max Capacity: 1.5 children
Possible Injuries: Kicks to the face, smashed fingers, bonked heads
Fun Rating: 7.2

Finally we have the wagon:

Wagon Ride from Amanda Ball on Vimeo.

Max Capacity: 3 (although we almost had 4)
Possible injuries: minor smushing, faceplant on the driveway, flattened by passing car
Fun Rating: 9.8

Note: No child was injured in the making of this post.


The Clark's said...

I think Carson would rate the sand box a little higher. He would not get out of that thing!

Allison said...

Tristan and Jack LOVED the baker's rack picture. Nora is adorable.

Anonymous said...

So funny!

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