Saturday, December 25, 2010


From Here to Claire from Amanda Ball on Vimeo.

Eight days, two states, lots and lots of juice boxes.


Vivian said...

great video. my mouth watered at the video of tyler eating at sylvester's. i'm so glad you guys came. :-)

Natchel said...

1) Longest red light of my life.
2) Yes! It IS possible! I'm famous!
3) HAHAAHAHA I was laughing so hard at you climbing down the waterfall. I'm sorry.
Fun trip!

Bridget said...

So how DID you get down the waterfall??

Allison said...

good job on the video. I was thinking that you were filming the sign guy for kind of a long time... and then... he pulled out the head-balancing-hand-clapping awesomeness.
We need to take more pictures.

Myriah Cohen said...

Well, I think I can promise to get married and/or pretend to get married in the next 8 years. Please start planning your trip now.

Claire said...

that was a great travel video. i'm glad it was a good trip, even though it involved a lot of driving.

p.s. i would totally go to myriah's pretend wedding.

Patrick said...

Good video and good song (who is it?) Thanks for coming by to visit during our stay in the hospital. Love the waterfall part, specially when you shoo Tyler away.

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