Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The wreath

My Aunt J is probably the craftiest person I'm related to. Not crafty like she's up to something, but crafty as in she made this wreath for an owl-themed baby shower she threw. I find a few things unusual about this. 1. Who makes a new wreath to fit the baby shower theme? And 2. Who throws themed baby showers? Even though she informs me through her website that "owls are sooo in right now," I would say that every baby shower I've ever attended had the theme of "baby shower." You know... pink or blue balloons, corresponding napkins and paper plates...? That's not how my aunt rolls. She's crafty.

My aunt's looks like this and is cuter because it's bigger, and she possesses actual talent for this sort of thing. And, you know, there's an owl. She lives in a place that has actual stores that have actual selections of things. She has no idea about us out here in the sticks, roughing it with only two wreath forms to choose from.

Some of you have inquired about our week of solitude. Today is day three of Tyler being out of town. It's been going pretty well.

Monday: I had a minor breakdown and got a little panicky that Tyler was going to get into a car accident in Denver and I wasn't going to be able to get there in time to remind him that he wasn't allowed to die.

And, Emily came over and I made my wreath.

Tuesday: Lillian started missing Tyler terribly and started asking me every hour, or every five minutes when he was coming back. Now? How about now? What... about... now?

I lost my patience with Lillian and asked her why she was such a spaz: I was standing with Nora, dripping wet after washing her hands and Lillian absconded with the dish towel. When I asked her to bring it back, she came back sans towel. When I told her to go get it, she went into the other room and started playing with her Ariel horse. Spaz.

We went to the drive-thru car wash, which, contrary to my memory, is terrifying for small children.

Wednesday morning, 4 AM: Nora woke up with croup. Twenty minutes in a steamy bathroom, and two hours of kicking me in the stomach later and she's fine, if maybe a little cranky. But, that could be because she's getting four molars. Or, because she had to stay awake to do all that kicking.

Two more sleeps.


thejerry said...

You should ask Carrie and Lucy about drive-thru car washes.

krissiecook said...

Croup totally sucks. However, I'm heartened to hear that your worst part is the hours of getting kicked in bed with croupy kid. Because that is definitely the worst part. Sorry she's cutting molars at the same time. How much Children's Tylenol is too much? Oh, and maybe some for Nora too.

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