Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Practice makes perfect?

I decided that Lillian was going to be the Morton's salt girl for Halloween. All she needed was a bright yellow dress, white tights, yellow shoes, and an umbrella. I'm a pioneer woman, I can sew a dress, right? I've sewed before.

This dress turned out alright, except it's gigantic. The last things I sewed for Lillian, I made when she was a baby, which makes for easy sewing and fitting. She can't go anywhere and doesn't mind staring into space while I work the machine.

This one I had to work on only while she was napping. I'm fairly happy with how it turned out except for a few minor flaws (the pleats don't really line up on the front and I screwed up on one of the sleeves in the back), except I couldn't size it to her. While sewing, I compared it to one of her existing dresses so the sleeves and the hem are the appropriate length. Otherwise, it's a potato sack.

Good thing she's the cutest sack of potatoes I've ever seen.


Allison said...

The dress looks very cute. You did a good job.

Myriah said...

You're a pioneer woman?

I'm pretty sure I'm not. But, you know, I think the real pioneers would have had to make a Halloween costume out of a real potato sack, so maybe you were just channeling the spirit of the pioneers.

I liked this post.

First, I was able to see Lillian.
I like her.

Second, I learned that Lillian looks really good in bright yellow, which I never would have guessed.

Third, we finally got some real interior shots of your new house.

Fourth, when Lillian was sitting on the chair, I could almost envision them painted yellow.

michelle said...

Andrew said "At least she has a month to grow?!?!"

Amy said...

What a cute idea!

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