Friday, February 08, 2008

Finishing touches

I bought some new headbands, and Lillian loves them.

Of course, she only wants to do it herself. (Ignore the large pile of laundry to her right. Tyler took these pictures... I would have never taken this shot : )


Vivian said...

Lillian is a cutie. Hey speaking of beauty and fashion... did you ever cut your hair?

michelle said...

That was my question, too. I was imagining headbands on both 'Just Like Heaven' hairstyles and wanted to know the final verdict- I took 16 inches off mine this afternoon.

Allison said...

ha ha ha about the laundry. I always clean up the background in my photos too.

Myriah said...

I think Lillian looks very mature with a head band. She could probably get into a bar with that look, so if i were you, i would keep an eye on her.

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