Sunday, September 02, 2007

We grow weary of naptime

Two weeks ago, Lillian was a stellar napper. I just put her in her crib, gave her a pacifier, made sure she had a spare, and walked away. No tears. No complaint. She would just lay down and go to sleep. Then I started back at school and Lillian went to day care. Miss Janelle says that she has no problems falling asleep during the day. So, yesterday it was getting time to take a nap, Lillian was making the droopy eyes and rubbing her face, so I put her in her crib (she started to cry), gave her a pacifier (she started to scream), made sure she had a spare (she stood up all red faced and angry and threw both pacifiers across the room in protest), and left the room (which equaled the end of the world). After much trial and error and about three hours, Lillian did take a nap yesterday.

Today, I thought I'd be smart and try to recreate the day care setting: there's always soft music playing in the background. So I made a playlist of sleepytime music and put it on the iPod with the portable speakers. She screamed, she cried. I wasn't going to get her up and drag it out like yesterday, so I was going to Ferber it. After 10 minutes, I sent Tyler in. She stopped crying, but Tyler never came out. The above picture is what I found when I peaked in to investigate.


Myriah said...

She just needed a naptime buddy!

Anonymous said...

at least she will sleep at the daycare

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