Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lillian's birthday

Lillian turned one on Monday. She says thank you for all the presents and cards. These pictures were taken after she opened the box that Amy and Mom sent.

A second before I took this picture, she was "talking" on her rice cake like it was a phone. But as soon as I went to take the picture, she threw the rice cake down and was just talking into her hand.

We did get pictures of her smashing a cupcake into her face, but those are locked (probably forever :) ) on Tyler's parent's camera as we forgot ours.

Tyler's sister Tonya gave us a whole bunch of toys that her kids have grown out of. Among them was this Wiggles guitar. Up side: Lillian loves it and will play with it for hours. Down side: I constantly hear the first three notes of "Play your guitar with Murray" over and over and over again. Play your Play Play Play your gui Play your Play your guitar Play your guitar Pla Pl Play Thanks Tonya!


Amy said...

Happy Birthday!! Next year - Barbies

Caitlin said...

You mean like this?

Happy Birthday Lillian!

PS We too forgot our camera on Archer's first birthday and I just got the pictures from my parents. Archer is now 3 and a half.

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