Friday, December 08, 2006

Pea-sized head

This series of pictures showcases two things. First, the super cute bow that Tonya got for Lillian. And second, according to the chart at the doctor's office, Lillian is normal height, a little heavy for weight, and has a teeny-tiny head. She's in the 38th or so percentile. The problem is actually that she was born with a normal sized head, and it isn't growing properly. So the doctor, in his this-probably-isn't-a-problem-but-could-be-a-really-very-large-problem voice told me not to worry and that we'd have to come back in a few weeks to recheck and possibly have x-rays taken.

I told Mom and her words were, "well, she certainly didn't get the Calder head." Remember when Allison got the sweater? Hehe.

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Sanchez Family said...

As I was reading the first photo, I thought the same thing! She's not a Calder at all!

Bluebell said...

Oh, man, I had to laugh at the comment from Marti. I never heard of 'the Calder head' before but Austin must certainly have it. No hat will fit him. And he absolutely hates if I ever mention it. Sorry, honey.

She is so darling. Keep us updated and we'll keep her in our prayers.

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